A trademark is nothing but a symbol, word, design, or combination of all these three, which help the customer to identify your product or service in the market, trademark gives a unique identity to differentiate your effect from the competitors. For the best trademark registration process contact Trade & Trade branch at Coimbatore and Tiruppur.

Types of trademark:

There are various types of trademarks, in the below list will be discussing this in brief.

  • Product Mark: Mark used to indicate your goods or products of yours is referred to as the product mark. It’s used to indicate the product origin and helps to maintain the business reputation. For the product mark, the trademark application is filled in classes 1-34.
  • Service Mark: Service marks are used to represent the service offered by a company and the main purpose of this service mark is to give distinguishes the services and the proprietors from the owner. Trademark applications are filed under the class 35-45 for service mark registration.
  • Collective Mark: Collective make represents a collective set of features of service or product offered and to give distinguishing identity information to the public. Collective marks are held by public institutions or associations or section 8 Companies. In this, the standards are fixed by the regulator who owns the mark. In India, the Chartered Accountants designation is commonly known collective mark.
  • Certification Mark: A certification mark is a sign, that is issued by the proprietor in detail specification of the products originating from and material quality, with the main purpose of guaranteeing the customer about the product standards. It ensures that the product has undergone all the standard testing processes to ensure the quality of the product like packed foods, toys, and electronics.
  • Shape Mark: Shape mark is exclusive to protect the shape of certain product containers. This gives the customer a relatable about the manufacturer so that they buy the product. Examples are Coca-Cola or Fanta Bottle.
  • Pattern Mark: Pattern marks are design specifications for the product with certain unique standards. When the product from the company is not to the pattern mark standard it gets rejected as it does not serve the purpose of the product design. To get a pattern registered it has to show evidence that it’s unique.
  • Sound Mark: A sound mark is a piece of music or sound that is related to a product or service related to a certain organization or supplier. Whenever the end consumer hears that sound, it helps them to identify the particular product or service. Sound logos are referred to as audio mnemonics and usually, appear at the first or end of commercial ads. The IPL tune is the best example of the sound mark.

This would have given a brief understanding of the types of trademarks and how the various trademark plays a vital role in protecting the brand and service. Get your company or business service and protect registered with Trade & Trade Coimbatore and Tiruppur.

Why Trade & Trade For all Trademark Registration?

Trade & Trade in Coimbatore and Tirupur provided quality and fast service related to all trademark registration with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We ensure to get the process done as quickly as possible to start the business and upgrade your business. We keep a keen eye while filling up the application as it does not gets reject at any processing steps.  Our service always has given a happy face to the client we have worked for.

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