A patent is a monopoly given to new inventions or discoveries for a limited period-time. Get your patent registered, with Trade & Trade Coimbatore and Tirupur. A utility patent is the most frequently used or sought right to protect new, machines, compositions, processes, or improvements. It is granted to anyone who has invented a new manufactured item design. 

Utility Patents:

Utility patents are also known as “patents for inventions and are commonly known patents.  It gives the owner patents for not allowing others in using and selling of the invention for a time period of 20 years from the date of the patent application filed. As the maintenance fees are paid for this patent it becomes expensive. It gives broad protection towards the competing inventions and for obtaining the utility patents from the government 2 or 3 years is taken.

To obtain the utility patents the invented subject must be useful meaning practical use, operability, and beneficial use. Though the invention is practical and beneficial in use if not with operability regard then the patent will not be granted. Practical Use is of real-world Use.

Design Patents:

Design patents are issued with the new, ornamental, and original connection design which contains applied or within the manufacturing of some things. Design patents are easy to obtain as well as less expensive. For the time frame of 15 years, a design patent design cannot be sold or used by others, non-other than the design owners. No maintenance fees are required for this type of patent.

Plant Patents:

It is issued to the invention or discovery of distinct and new asexually reproductive plants. Sports, seedlings, hybrids, cultivations, and mutants all can be included in the plant patents. For 20 years the owner can exclude others from selling or using their invention from the application filing date. Same to design patents plant patents do not need any maintenance fee.

Drawings for the patent:

Sometimes the inventory has to present the invention in the format of the drawings to clearly explain the function and building process for the inventions. An inventor can draw this information by him/herself or hire some professionals to make the drawings.  To reduce the cost and keep the design more confidential it is best to do the drawing by the invertor himself.

Traditional Drawings:

In the traditional drawing, ink is used and it is in black and white. When using ink the room for error has to be avoided to zero as it is hard to correct the mistake that is done on the drawing of the ink. Ink drawing is a very inexpensive method to represent the patent design.

For presenting the patent drawing in the color special petition has to be given and in the application, color drawings have to be mentioned. When you are giving a color drawing, 3 copies must be submitted with the extra fee amount.


Photographs are not involved in most of the applications.  PTO allows the use of photographs for applications whose invention cannot be portrayed clearly in drawing formats. Photographs are allowed for patents related to cell cultures, animals, and plants.

Computer Drawings:

Some inventors use computer applications to draw their inventions as they do not want to hire professionals. Mistakes can be easily corrected in the computer design and in terms of cost, it’s the same as that of hiring a professional. By scanning or digital camera, you can easily import the image of the invention into the computer. There are computer programs that allow the user in creating a 3-D image to manipulate the geometric building of the inventions.

The main purpose of this article is to give brief details about the types of patents and the drawing process involved. We Trade & Trade gives a clear vision of the registration of patent rights. Being in the field for more than 10 years we serve our clients with the best quality service and our office is located in Coimbatore and Tiruppur.

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